HB690 170mm privacy flush lock set

The Halliday+Baillie HB690 sliding door privacy set features an integrated push button-activated edge pull for pocketed doors. The operable snib slides upwards to engage the lock. The discrete emergency release can be operated with a pen or other small pointed object to disengage the lock from the outside. For narrower doors (35-38mm) flush pulls either side are shallower than the standard HB690 flush pulls.

In double door conditions, for the passive leaf specify the HB697 Strike Body w/Edge Pull and add HB660 Flush Pulls.

Suitable for timber or aluminium doors.

Standard HB690 set includes:
• HB690 Series Lock Body
• 2 Flush Pulls and HB604 Timber Fixing Kits
• Strike and Dust Box
• Spindle (please specify door thickness)
• Fasteners